Terms & Conditions


Here are your Terms & Conditions for No Whining Wine Tours. Please read these as your participation implies you agree to all of these:

*No Whining Wine Tours is not reponsible for your health, welfare or safety any time you are outside of our tour vehicle. Remain alert and aware, please, of any potential hazards while walking in driveways, parking areas,  sidewalks, out in vineyards, winery and tasting rooms you visit.

*No Whining  Wine Tours cannot be held  responsible for your activity or safety after the completion of the tour. Please do not drink and drive and do not consume more than your personal limit. 

*No Whining Wine Tours may provide snack platter or lunch or dessert. Please let us know of dietary restrictions. We will do our best, but remember some food may be prepared in the same factory as eggs nuts, or other allergens. We cannot be responsible for any ill effects  from eating any of the provided food. No one has been ill.  Just want customers to know about it!


More Terms & Conditions

*No Whining Wine Tours has the right to cancel or terminate a tour at any time for any reason at our own discretion.

*We require a deposit of $150 for smaller groups and $350 of larger groups. All tour deposits are 100% refundable 72 hours before your tour date. If you cancel for any reason inside/within the 72 hour window, your original tour deposit will not be refunded. 


Tasting Fees

Please note: Tasting fees and possible vineyard touring fees are the responsibility of all of our touring guests and are NOT included in any of the tour prices. But, please remember,  many vineyards offer tasting fees waived if you purchase bottles of wine(s) at their vineyard/winery. (Each vineyard has different  purchasing in their tasting rooms. Let's ask in the tasting rooms). 

Thank you for reading and agreeing to No Whining Wine Tours Terms & Conditions.